Antler Ridge is an exclusive property where you are special, respected and appreciated. Our goal is for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Our culture and policies are designed for you to be safe, comfortable and totally relaxed. Antler Ridge is a private establishment and we expect our guests to adhere to a code of conduct that is not offensive or invasive to other guests or the owners who are committed to providing our intended atmosphere. When you reserve with us, that reservation is a contract where you agree to abide by our written policies.

Rates: Rates are quoted per night and provide a full breakfast for each guest. All rates are subject to a 16.75% state and local tax. Rates are honored, as quoted, at your time of reservation, but could change from one season to another. If an additional guest(s) is added between your reservation and your arrival, there will be an additional charge of $60 per guest. If the additional guest(s) requires an additional room, all room rates are in effect.

Payments and Deposits: A non-refundable deposit of $100 (per night) for each room is required at the time of your reservation. Deposits may be paid by check or credit card. Balances that are paid on site must be paid by cash or credit card.

Cancellations: Due to our type of operation at Antler Ridge, we strictly adhere to our cancellation policy. Any cancellation of at least 14 days prior to your reservation will result in a $60 cancellation fee. Any cancellation made at least 3 days in advance of your reservation will result in a $120 cancellation fee. Any cancellation made inside of 3 days will result in your being charged the entire rate of your reservation (less taxes).

Check-In and Check-out: Our preferred check-in time is between 3 and 8 pm. Check-out time is 11 am. If you need to adjust these times, we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Our staff works random hours and we reserve the right to charge a $50 fee if your needs require additional hours of work for our staff at either check-in or check-out.

Technology: Wireless internet is available at Antler Ridge at no charge. Please refrain from large downloads and streaming as a courtesy to our other guests and the operations at Antler Ridge. We are not responsible for outages that are a result of provider maintenance, weather conditions or incompatibility with your electronic devices. Any internet activity that is pornographic or pertains to any unlawful or illegal activity is not allowed. Not adhering to this policy will result in the offending guest(s) being asked to leave the property. No refund will be considered. Please respect your fellow guest(s) in your use of any technology.

Registered Guests: You will asked to present a photo ID at check-in. Reservations are not transferrable unless we are notified in advance of an intended transfer, you will be charged the full amount of the reservation (less taxes). If our guests would like to have their guest join us for breakfast, the guest will be charged $20 for the meal, if we are informed no later than the previous day.

No-Smoking/ substance/ alcohol policy: Antler Ridge is located on 7.5 acres in the middle of a mature forest. For the safety of our guests, no smoking is allowed anywhere on the property. Any residue or evidence of this policy being compromised will result in an additional charge of $300 to that guest. This policy also applies to any other substance, legal or otherwise, brought onto or used on the property that could, in any way, be offensive to the owners of the property or other guests. Any guest may bring wine onto the property for their personal use, but no other alcohol product is allowed.

Children: We cater primarily to couples, but we welcome well-behaved children. All situations are different, so our guests are encouraged to create a custom reservation if children are involved. Our facility is not child-proofed. Our guests must take full responsibility for the behavior of children, as well as any damages caused by our guests or their children. Antler Ridge does not have children’s menus, high chairs or cribs. Injuries and/ or accidents are the sole responsibility of the guests.

Pets: No pets are allowed at Antler Ridge. We will be happy to arrange local pet services for our guests.

Candles/Incense: Not allowed!

Breakfast: The Antler Ridge staff takes great pride in providing a fresh and delicious breakfast. All of our guests have the option of choosing between three breakfast menus at the time of booking, unless that booking is made less than 48 hours in advance of their reservation. Breakfast is served at 8:30 am, with the possibility of adjusting that time if our staff is available to honor your request. We will consider special dietary needs/ restrictions if we have a 48-hour notice.

Kitchen/ Laundry Access: Not available at Antler Ridge

Damages: The credit card on file will be charged for any damages caused by our guests. This includes towels, linens, fixtures and furniture, or the need for replacement or repair.

Motor Homes, Recreational vehicles and Trailers: Not allowed at Antler Ridge

Liability Disclaimer: The safety and security of our guests is paramount to Antler Ridge. As a guest, you may never assert or make a claim against Antler Ridge, its owners or a staff member as a result of your stay at Antler Ridge.

To print and sign the above policies before your arrival at The Lodge at Antler Ridge, please click the following link: AntlerRidge_Policies.